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19 is a good age, so far.

I thought I’d post a little “19 before 20” list. :)
1. Read 10 books (MUST read: The Hours, Revolutionary Road, The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God)
2. Start OTC, and refine those baking skills. I gotta bakery to open up in 3 years, dude!
3. Move out of my parents’s home.
4. Take a road trip with Colby Kern.
5. Go to some shows with my boyfriend (MUST see: Band of Horses, Kate Nash)
6. Learn to quilt.
7. Make a pen pal, and… keep the pen pal.
8. Send at least 10 cute projects in the mail to Emily (the boyfriend’s 6 year old niece).
9. Plan a wedding (in my head for now..)
10. Do 3 photo shoots with Colby Kern.
11. Get another tattoo (“For I bear on my body the scars that show I belong to Jesus Christ” on my right side… its gonna huuuurt).
12. Start saving for mine and Tyler’s future.
13. Paint at least twice a month (24 paintings total).
14. Do the “first year of college” Bible study that my youth pastor gave me.
15. Blog more. And with an actual purpose.
16. Find a new coffee shop to become my “regular” spot. Starbucks just ain’t workin’ for meee.
17. Get engaged (not that I can control this, or anything..ha).
18. Restart my Etsy.
19. Remember birthdays, holidays, random gift giving times, etc. (I’m a terrible gift-giver)

:) There ya have it.
I’ll do a check in with this list every 2 months. So, expect an update on September 22!

Anyways… going on.
Today, I baked from scratch red velvet cupcakes, and I also made my very own cream cheese icing. Yum, yum, yum. Seriously. I wish you all could come over and eat these delicious cupcakes with me! They are seriously the best I’ve everrr made. There ya go. Proof that I am meant to own a bakery someday ;)
I went to the tea room and had a nice, long, confessional-esque chat with one of my close friends today. She got her first tattoo on Wednesday! She got hers on her ribcage, and its fairly large. For a first tattoo, that’s pretty intense. Brave girl :)
Then, Tyler took me out for dinner, coffee, and a movie. We saw Inception… although I started getting sleepy (it didn’t get out until a little after midnight), I have to say that it has one of the most original plots I’ve seen in the past few years. It was a freaking miiind trip. I loved it though.

Now, I’m just sort of dealing with some anxiety issues, and hopefully heading to bed soon.
This was just a filler blog post because I can’t sleep worth anything… even though that entire ride back home from Springfield, I was OUT. Funny how you can’t sleep once you actually get into bed. :(

Anyways, thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It really was a great one.
Party on, yo.

xoxo Haley

P.s. If you haven’t already hear, my friend Janel is in the process of saving up for adoption! Go check out her blog, where she’s posted links to some other blogs/shops that are helping her out with the fundraising (you can click on the little link below to go to her blog). It’s a wonderfully beautiful cause to support. Every single child deserves a loving home, and Miss Janelly Bean has a golden heart with lots of room for a new baby :) So help her out!


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these are our shirts we wore for the eclipse premier:)

“edward’s too cold, jacob’s too hot. but together they’re oh so right..”

“midnight: 11.21.08, 11.20.09, 06.30.10. we were there”

hahahah love our shirts? we do :)

and this, my friends, is Hedwig (the name was so kindly prompted by miss emjay & miss mandy)

i made him while i was waiting in line for eclipse… i got some funny looks. but who cares. :)

and, a few of the journal pages i’ve been working on for janel’s challenge.

i got lazy with this one. i really haven’t been in the journaling mood..

so there you have it. my laziness these past few weeks is definitely showing, and its wearing me thin.
i’m not sure whats up. maybe i’ll be out of this crappy, terrible, HORRIBLE funk soon :/

xo. hay

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So. I won’t give anything away.. but I saw Eclipse at midnight. And while, I enjoyed it… it was definitely not worth seeing at midnight. Nor did I particularly liked it at all. New Moon was so much better ( you know… better in a “Twilight movies are gay” sort of way). don’t get me wrong, I’m a regular teenage girl that obsessed over Edward & the Twilight books for like 2 years, my sophomore & junior years of HS, but seriously. The movies are gayyy.
But anyways… Dad, Cassie & I got there around 6 pm to wait in line… and there was like, no one in our line. It was so strange. And even around 10, when they seated us, there were only like 10 people behind us. Our auditorium was not packed whatsoever.
The screen messed up, and it was completely black for a few minutes… meaning we missed the Harry Potter & Paranormal Activity 2 trailers. Major suck. :( But then it was fixed & all was well after that. :)

my dad would not change out of this shirt. but it ended up helping in the long run. we could spot him from a mile away, pretty much.

I made a cute stuffed owl while waiting in line. Sure, I got some funny looks. But it turned out adorable. Pictures, soon. Promiseee.
and then it got dark…and we got silly.

it was a good night. :)

xoxo hay

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I’ve been here, there, and everywhere the past few days. it’s exhausting!
monday (& if you follow me on twitter, you already know this..), cassie and i had our annual Twilight T-Shirt Making Night. This year, since Eclipse is sort of more about both Edward & Jacob, we decided for that to be the theme of our shirt. :)
We took pictures, of course..

and of course, while i did all the work, she played on facebook. haha :)

“researching” ideas for tshirts, aka taking the computer away from cass.

I’ll have the complete unveiling of the tshirt on the 30th, after we see the movie at midnightttt :)

today! i (finally) did my online orientation for OTC, and scheduled my Star Appointment so I can schedule my classes for the fall semester.
i got to chill by the pool :) i never ever do this, so that was pretty big.

hello, summer. i love you :)

i’ll be back tomorrowish with a journal update. fun? :)

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Grandma has called Fridays “Foxy Friday” since I can remember, because that’s the day she takes Faucemax (or something like that). Its so cute. But for reals, this is like legit Foxy Friday! We’re watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox (as we speak. SO CUTE.
I totally heart this movie! :)

So happy.

I’ll be back later <3

xo . hay

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So, a lot has been happening :)
Monday, Colby and I hung out & went to Springfield to pick up some fabrics to make this cute little doll. It turned out so adorable!

I’m now making one for Miss Taylor (she’s five), and another for a friend’s baby shower. I also have to make one for Colby & one for me, but those can wait a few days.. or maybe a few weeks. :)
Yesterday was Momma’s 39th birthday. We went to Michaels & Joann’s (for more fabric. haha), Target (I got the cutest swimsuit everrr)
We went to the Palace for Timewarp Tuesday (movies for a dollar! haha best deal ever). Mom & Tucker saw The Tooth Fairy, which they liked a lot, from what I’ve heard, and Colby & I saw An Education. It was only slightly boring & slow, but I liked it a lot. The clothing & everything was gorgeous. I love the 60s a lot.

I usually get super creeped out by Peter Sarsgaard, but I felt oddly attracted to him. Probably because he reminded me of someone I know. Haha :)
Now, I’m watching Hot Rod (seriously love this movie. I watch it alllllll the time) and waiting on Cassie to arrive so we can go on our (vegetarian friendly) picnic, and rent New Moon.
More pictures from yesterday:

proof that i really do drive. and i’m good too. haha

and then once we got into springfield, i let mom drive.

isn’t she adorable?? I took this one of Taylor yesterday in the Palace parking lot. We were bored, and the line was forever long.

dad brought home this extremely creepy mcdonalds cake last night for mom’s birthday.
anddd: i just checked my email. i’m pretty much dying over this.
good thing grandma and i are going shopping this weekend… i think i need this outfit:

…yup. i do.

ok, i need to pack up our lunch now, so i’ll see you all again very, very soon :))
xo hay

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i’m addicted, hardcore, to making lists. i love, love, love it.
one of the things i reallyyy want is a listography book! i recently made a mini version of one for my best friend, breigh.
so i think i’ll share a few lists with youu :]
favorite bands i’ve seen live
– underoath
– jack’s mannequin
– katy perry
– breathe carolina
– meg & dia
favorite films i’ve seen so far in 2010 (not necessarily released in 2010)
– the great buck howard
– district 9
– law abiding citizen
– orphan
– taming of the shrew
my to do list for todayyy
– clean room/ put away my laundry
– organize crafts
– take photos
– church
– finish up last minute projects for friends
– get together happy mail stuffsss.

i’m in love with today.
i overslept :/ and missed church (oops..) and went to lunch at dairy queen with my friend jamie.. and now i’m home, just relaxing. maybe going to nap sometime, granted i finish my goals for today. :]

girls night on friday was so much fun! it ended up being like, a million of us going. (me, breigh, cassie b, cassie l, alyssa, jazmine, and brittany). we got all dressed up and went to springfield for dinner, and had plans of seeing the lovely bones, but didn’t make it on time, so we headed downtown for coffee… and then once we got there, decided to go home. hahaha. we are silly girls.
at one point in dinner, breigh had to take her meds (she has a kidney disease, she has to take around 27-30 pills per day) and cassie b. asked our waiter if he didn’t mind being paid in pills… pretty sure he thinks we are all crazies.
last night, colby and i had a date. we went to see Daybreakers, the new vampire movie. first of all, it looked scary-ish, so i was a bit surprised he suggested we see it, because he HATES movies like that. and it looked interesting enough, so i was all for seeing it. once it started though… omg. within ten minutes, colby was begging for us to leave, and i was sitting there covering my eyes.
gore, and horror movies in general, don’t usually bother me… but it was SO overdone in this movie.. wayyy too much for me. the plot was an awesome idea (only 5% of humans are left in a nearly all vampire world; blood is rare, and the vampires are starving)… but it was poorly executed.
dumb movie. not seeing that one everrr again. hahah

okie dokieee.
i think i’m gonna get started on that to do list!
have a loverly sunday.

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