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(edit: I just realized, I wrote the first half last night, and saved it to my drafts. Here it is completed! <3)
I am a sleepy girl.
BUT, I am determined to stay awake and finish a painting! All the while, watching Nip/Tuck. I am borderline obsessed with this show. During the operating scenes, I can’t lie.. I do turn my head, and only listen. Usually blood doesn’t frighten me, but goshhhh. NO. This is not ok!
I’m currently on Season 2. I had never even given a thought to watching the show, ever. But Sunday afternoon I was terribly bored, and tired of reading books, so I picked a random TV show available on Instant Netflix, and started watching it. I watched eleven episodes out of the thirteen of the first season. I seriously LOVE this show!

P.s. Haha, for those of you that know what I’m talking about… The dude that plays Sean’s son is in the movie “Teeth”…. As for what happens to him in THAT movie, and what happens to him in the first couple of episodes of Nip/Tuck…. I feel sorry for the kid. ;)

Anyways, back to the point of this.
I’m working on a painting for le boyfriend. A few months back.. he mentioned to me that he liked this:

i did this like 6 months ago in my sketchbook for my art class. i always wanted to make it into a painting, but never really thought much more about it (plus, the execution of it scaresss me. i’m really still unsure how to go about doing the background).
So… the little sketch has become this:

(well, sort of. it’s not done yet!)
but I made this as a little surprise for the boyfriend. He had been pestering me for forever for a painting before I left for college, but now I’m not moving anywhere… so the requests stopped…. jerk. :) Haha I love him.
I start my first day of work at the Tea Room today! I’m so excited. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking… but maybe when I move to Springfield, I’ll get a job at Elsie’s new RVA location… maybe :)

Ok! Wish me lots of luck with this first day! I’m off to go eat my favoriteee meal at Oriental Inn! :)
Xoxo Haley


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sooo lately, as in a few hours ago, the boyfriend and i were texting it up, because i was on a forever long trip to florida (i’m here, and comfortably..on a couch. boo). we were making plans, and talking future stuff.
i’ve never been in a relationship that i’ve been able to do that…at least not in a serious sense. & its exciting.
we talked of how i’ll be starting college this fall, and i’ll be done in two years (!!!) if i pursue the culinary arts program, with my focus being baking & pastries.
of course, this is my dream job. owning my own bakery & cute little place to call my own. being able to have the creative freedom to build a business how i want it. i love the idea. however, we were thinking in terms of how realistic that idea is. of course, that got us on a whole other topic (my high level of indian blood. ha!)
then we started thinking…how possible is it for me to plan a wedding while finishing school? and how the heck will we pay for the stinkin thing?
we are way in over our heads, and i think we both know that. but for some reason… there’s a sense of security in all of it. its quite the lovely feeling.
anywho… just some thoughts. i mostly can’t sleep… so this is the product of my newfound insomnia :)
xo hay

p.s. while the boy and i were talking bakeries and businesses, and how springfield will most definitely not need a 4th bakery (and not to mention all the coffee shops that offer pastries & baked goods…), and how that really upsets me because i LOVE springfield. i love this area of missouri with my whole heart and i never ever want to live anywhere else… and the thought of having a business here that is exactly needed kind of upsets me. he then asked me if i would feel better if he took me to see Band of Horses in october in kansas city. ummm yes. i do feel better:) perfect boyfriend award goes to tyler. :)

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these are our shirts we wore for the eclipse premier:)

“edward’s too cold, jacob’s too hot. but together they’re oh so right..”

“midnight: 11.21.08, 11.20.09, 06.30.10. we were there”

hahahah love our shirts? we do :)

and this, my friends, is Hedwig (the name was so kindly prompted by miss emjay & miss mandy)

i made him while i was waiting in line for eclipse… i got some funny looks. but who cares. :)

and, a few of the journal pages i’ve been working on for janel’s challenge.

i got lazy with this one. i really haven’t been in the journaling mood..

so there you have it. my laziness these past few weeks is definitely showing, and its wearing me thin.
i’m not sure whats up. maybe i’ll be out of this crappy, terrible, HORRIBLE funk soon :/

xo. hay

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a few weeks ago, danielle posted this on her blog, and you know me. i love doing these sort of things. so i thought i’d join in on the fun :)

1. what person/blog or reason gave you the idea that blogging would be fun? my mom, actually. she tried the blogging thing a while back to show her scrapbooking, but i don’t think she kept up with it very well. but yeah, she is the one who introduced me to elsie’s blog, and then convinced me that i should do it, too. then i suckered colby into starting one too :)
2. what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? if you don’t eat ice cream, what is your favorite dessert? i LOATHE ice cream. unless its a cookie dough blizzard from dq. but my favorite dessert is cheesecake. i haven’t had a “real” birthday cake in YEARS because i always request cheesecake.
3. have you ever been chased by a wild animal? where were you and why was it chasing you? i don’t think so..? i get chased in dreams a lot though. notably, a woman with wheels for feet.
4. do you think that the government should shut NASA down? if so, why? if not, why? i really don’t keep up with government/politic type stuff… but i’m gonna say no.. because i like space. and i live in a town with a replica of the Hubble Telescope. so yeah, keep nasa!
5. what are you favorite pizza toppings? if you don’t eat pizza, do you like spaghetti? just plain cheese for me, please :)
6. who is your favorite sanrio character? i think its quite obvious that my answer is hello kitty….

7. do you have any pets? do you feed them table scraps? i have a fish. he might die if i fed him people food…
8. what is your favorite mixed drink? (alcoholic) a) i’m underage. b) i don’t drink based on pure choice. buttt… i would love to try a bloody mary. the fact that it has tomato juice (or something like that) in it amazes me!

cassie came over the other day, and we went swimming :)

she’s my buddy and i love her much <3 tomorrow we're going to see eclipse at midnight with my daddy! we're so so so excited. like, beyond belief. and today, we went to a springfield cardinals game with our friends breigh & alyssa. much fun :)
i spent this past weekend at the lake celebrating little max's 1st birthday :) he's growing up so fast.. i'm not ready for him to be a big boy!

so much fun :)
i’m a bit burnt.. but its worth it!

xoxo haley

p.s. eclipse tomorrowww!!!
p.p.s check out miss indie’s superrr adorables giveaway. hello kitty everywhere!! :)

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i love you! :)

i’m super grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. you are seriously the best. :)
last night, i stayed the night with colby and we watched Bug (creeeepy) while dreaming up ideas for painting on his wall. we found the perfect lyrics to paint above his window, but they don’t exactly match the look of his room. we then got ready this morning and went to olive garden for lunch (and ran into cassie there), and went to target… it was lots of fun. simple & fun. i love my best friend.
anyways, i’m going to clean my craft-space and start working on some new projects. i took a too-long break from crafting. i was feeling like all of my creativity was leaving me, so i took a well needed break to regain some inspiration and such. i think i’m ready to get back into the regular swing of things :)
so, that said, this was just a quick little filler post. hopefully tomorrow, or wednesday i’ll be back with photos of some of my new projects, plus some of the projects i made in school, that i never took photos of :)
i leave for st. louis on thursday, and fly out to nyc from there on friday morning! i’ll be gone till monday night, so i probably won’t blog until tuesday or wednesday next week :( but at least you’ll have a crap ton of new york awesomeness to look forward to! :D
love love you
xo. haley

p.s. i have a bone to pick with you! i realized i get a ton of views on my blog everrry day, but i don’t know who you are! so stop being shy & say hello. i’d love to meet you :) xo.

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Here are some photos from the party party party.

All the mommas that put together our wonderful party :) Elle & her mom, Paula; me, & my mom, Denise; Alyssa, & her mom, Rhonda; Cassie B, & her mom, Cindy; Cassie L, & her mom LaRue.

best boyfriend ever, i’m pretty sure. :)

more pictures to come, when i’m not completely exhausted.

tomorrow, tyler and i are going to see nightmare on elm street (exciteddd), and then thursday we’re going to the midnight release of iron man 2 (not so excited…haha). should be fun, i’m gonna say.
the next two weeks are packed with crazy exciting things keeping me busy and not nervous about graduation!
this weekend is a Raku-firing party at Mrs. Hyde’s ranch, and next thursday, i have a bbq for National Art Honor Society and after that, we’re having a senior girls sleepover in my friend’s backyard. should be interesting having over 100 girls all in one backyard in tents and such. i’m stoked. :)

these next two weeks are going to be the best ever.
8 official days of school to go! :))

xo. hay

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it has seriously been the best weekend ever. i loved every second spent with the girls. :)
as you can see.. jamie, janel, carol, emjay, erin, will, elsie, rachel,allister, lindsay, jenny, amy and i all had the best time:

(we got *fake* tattoos. we know, we’re cool)

(the view from the backseat…)

SO. friday, we all hung out at rva, like, all night. then saturday afternoon was tattoo time. we were there from one till nearly six ish. it was insane! everyone’s tattoo’s turned out super adorable, though. well worth the time put into them. erin’s birthday party was a ton of fun :) i cannot wait to see willard’s pictures. like, seriously. all the ideas that erin came up with for the party were so cute and brilliant (happy late birthday erin <3)
that's what she said jokes were quite abundant this weekend. we're silly. :)
also… :(
we woke up to the news that jamie's car had been broken into overnight. such a downer ending to an awesome weekend. the entire driver's side window was gone. so so frustrating and sad. but, i guess that makes for some pretty silly and fun stories to tell now. and, hillarious pictures. which, i'll try to share tomorrow or soon ish. i'm ridiculously tired, but i want to go shopping, like, bad. colby won't answer his dang phone though :(
i'm gonna go clean up and take a nap. and then maybe bake something. that last part is most likely false. but at least it sounds nice, right? :)
xo hay

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