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Formspring is a b-word.
From here on out – mine is officially deleted.
Some stuff has been going on, involving some rather immature and silly, silly girls that I know. And after some minor confrontation, I have deleted my formspring and am going to just move on. I do not need such negativity in my life.

God is seriously such an amazing dude for all the wonderful things He’s done in my life recently. Through all of the lame “anonymous” drama, I’ve gotten to have so many good conversations with people that actually care about me. I have theee most wonderful friends in the world.
So, I’m thankful for the people in my life. I’m thankful for the good manners and love that my parents have instilled in me. And.. I’m thankful for the gifts and talents God has so generously blessed me with (and that “people” are just “soooo” jealous of). I can’t wait to actually utilize those talents and make others happy! :)
Speaking of using those lovely talents… my bakery plans are in the works. Its so exciting getting ready for school this fall and knowing that when I go home at the end of the day, my homework will be baking! :) Tyler is definitely a lucky guy.. haha <3
Lately I've been drawing up plans for what I want my "perfect" bakery to look like, what sorts of desserts and yummy things I'd want to sell, and what other fun things I'd want to make available at my little shop. As for location… that's still an iffy question. I've got quite a number of people pushing me to open one up in St. Louis. It's nearing the top of my list. :)
Tonight consists of…

(A show at The Front Porch; It definitely won’t look as exciting as this one, I can promise you that..haha)

(Coffee. Its just about all I can think about right now!)

(book shopping. I’m going to make g.o.o.d. use of this $30 gift card to Barnes & Noble.)

It feels like fall already, based on tonight’s agenda. Goodness me, I’m so ready for Autumn weather, good “Autumn music”, and cozyness.
Cassie and I are heading out in a few hours for a night of fun and sillyness. We only have a good 3 weeks together left, so we’re trying our best to make it count.
GOSH, college SUCKS. ;)


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I’ve been here, there, and everywhere the past few days. it’s exhausting!
monday (& if you follow me on twitter, you already know this..), cassie and i had our annual Twilight T-Shirt Making Night. This year, since Eclipse is sort of more about both Edward & Jacob, we decided for that to be the theme of our shirt. :)
We took pictures, of course..

and of course, while i did all the work, she played on facebook. haha :)

“researching” ideas for tshirts, aka taking the computer away from cass.

I’ll have the complete unveiling of the tshirt on the 30th, after we see the movie at midnightttt :)

today! i (finally) did my online orientation for OTC, and scheduled my Star Appointment so I can schedule my classes for the fall semester.
i got to chill by the pool :) i never ever do this, so that was pretty big.

hello, summer. i love you :)

i’ll be back tomorrowish with a journal update. fun? :)

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I know… I talk about Timewarp Tuesdays a LOT. And I know… you may be confused as to what that is. For those of you who don’t know, TT’s are mine and Miss Cassie’s day where we go to Springfield after school and see a movie at the Palace. What makes this so special though is that the movie only costs $1, compared to the normal $3. Hahaha, we’re cheap. :) For our last Timewarp Tuesday, we saw The Crazies (which I had already seen, but I totally didn’t mind to see it again; Cassie doesn’t do well in horror films…she screamed the entire time).
We also documented our trip:

we made a quick visit to Starbucks..

we eat at the same subway every tuesday…

we also stopped for some quick thrift-store-ness and i came home with this cutie to add to my collection:

cassie always drives, we always get lost, we always scream and fight about which direction we need to go. of course, this tuesday was no exception to that. (please excuse my near naked look in this picture)

and then we made it to the movies with plenty of time to spare :)

anddd that just about sums up our very last Timewarp Tuesday as high school students :)

As mentioned earlier… baccalaureate was on Sunday!

(as many of you know… this is suuuper tradition for the three of us)

(and as you can see… we’re super sad we’re graduating… only because it means we have to grow up. ha)

Tomorrow is my last “real” day of classes.. all of my finals are finished, so my day will be super easy :)
Friday is the “Senior” day at MHS. We have Memories Assembly which is an hour long assembly that recaps the year, and then there’s a video full of pictures of the seniors when we were little kiddos. After that, the seniors get out of class for the rest of the day for Yearbook signings, a picnic, and then graduation practice. I can’t wait!
Saturday is graduation, and after that is Project Grad at the Downtown Y. I’m so stoked. I’m usually in bed by like, 8… so this is going to be a challenge pulling an all nighter (we don’t get home until 5 am!).

I wish you all a very lovely rest of the week.
I’ll be back on Sunday or something.. :)
xo hay

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girls night out.

Hola loves,
It’s girls night for Hay, Breebee, and the Cassies.
They are out dancing at a basketball game right now, but as soon as they are finished, we are getting all cute and going out for an extremely late dinner at Hinodes, and then going to see a movie.
I love my best friends <3

I will post more later, promisesss.
Maybe even some brand new photos. Maybe.
That may be pushing it a bit.


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Disclaimer: There are some graphic images of… deadness in this blog. Just a warning :]

So, yesterday. Cassie came over and we had bunches of fun, just chilling, and doing summer things. Not really. We (as in just Cass & Tucker) went swimming, and ate tacos, and then Cassie wanted to watch A Clockwork Orange, since she’d never seen it. We didn’t make it all the way through, because she had to leave, but I think she liked what she saw. She liked the weirdness, I think.
But anyways… We went swimming. Mostly, I just sat there and took pictures of them in the pool (I haaate getting wet) and talked to them while they played in the water. Until… Tucker looked in the pool filter…. We found this:
Dead Bird
Yeah. Dead bird.
Dead Bird
Dead Bird
And then, after taking pictures of it, and oogling it, and even.. smelling it (never EVER smell a dead bird. It’s disgusting), we decided to have a little fun with it, and … toss it into the neighbor’s yard.
Dead Bird
Other than that mess, it really was the perfect afternoon…
Cassie and Tucker
Lovely day :]

OH. And.. here is the painting I promised a looong while ago, from the craft night with Amy:
Alice in Wonderland Painting
Alice in Wonderland Painting

And the wonderfulllll birthday invitations (also Alice in Wonderland-inspired):
Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invites
I spent foreverrrr working on those…
Now only if I can complete the task of actually sending them…*sigh* Maybe it’ll get done soon. Maybe.

CASS: I am working on that playlist of yours! It’s coming along quite nicely. I can’t remember if you’d just like a whole bunch of different stuff, or really summery songs..? Oh well. It’s amazing, no matter what :]

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1. Learn to do “Grandma” things.. like, knit and stuff.
2. Take a billion cute pictures.
3. Go to amazing shows.
4. WARPED TOUR/ Conor Oberst.
5. Find a hot boyfriend.
6. Make $$$.
7. Look cute.
8. Stay tan(ish).
9. Go to Florida.
10. Turn 18.
11. Don’t be so lame all the time.
12. Wait for Leslie’s babayyy.
13. Paint, paint, paint.
14. Redo room. (Pirate theme?!)
15. Scrapbook a bunch.

I’m still working on that to-do list. As you can probably see, I l.o.v.e. making lists :]

So, lots has been going on… I’ve been painting like crazy, but, I’ve yet to get pictures of my latest creations. Sorryyy. That’s another thing to put on my to-do list.
Ok. Let’s start from where I left off:
Friday Colby and I went to lunch. I hadn’t seen him sooo long. Like, a month. Which, it seems like very little time, yeah, but for us… that’s like two years. No jokes. We’re used to being together every Friday and Saturday night. And during the summer, we’re used to seeing each other practically every day. So…we’re like that old married couple that finally got a divorce. Haha. That sounds terrible. But for right now, that kind of paints the perfect picture of our relationship. I love him bunches, though. No matter what.
And then after we hung out and got to talk for a while, Cassie came over and we talked foreverrrr, and then finally got around to watching A Beautiful Mind, which we’d never seen before. It made us both so nervous, it was like we were sitting on pins and needles throughout the entire movie. I love seeing *brand new* movies. Well, new to me, at least. This movie has been out for quite some time. Haha. But I love watching movies I know nothing about. Love that feeling. After that, Dad, Trevor, Amber, and I all went out for some quality *family* time and went to the Palace (home of the $2.50 movie haha) to see the new Fast and Furious movie. Did. Not. Like. It. So please, no matter how cute Paul Walker is, never ever make me watch another one of those movies. Ever.
Saturday was a good night, I guess. I did pretty much nothing all day, and then went to a show with Amycakes out at our friend’s house (my dad swears it was a party..it wasn’t. Lol). It was a lot of fun, for the most part. We drew on Andrew’s shoes, and drank a lottt of coke, and talked to friend’s we hadn’t seen since school got out. So it was a good time.
Sunday… I didn’t go to church, so I stayed home and cleaned up the house a bit, and then dad went grocery shopping… which, he needs to do wayyy more often. He came back with awesome food! (Frozen pizzas, corndogs, chimichangas & burritos, etc.) Love that, too. But later on, we went out to our annual church picnic. Way fun. Hot, but fun.
Monday Yet again… did nothing all day. BUT, Blake, who I haven’t seen in like, four months, came over and we watched Funny Games. Which is theeee most ridiculously awesome movie I’ve ever seen. It was great. Movies make me nervous, most of the time, so I made him tell me everything that was going to happen. Haha. That’s a way to handle any uncertain situation. Beg someone to tell you what’s going to happen. :]

And today… nothing is really going on. I’ve watched some Degrassi & Lil Wayne music videos with the brother, and now I’m doing this. Tonight, I might hang out with my awesomeee friend Jamie, and watch movies. Our movie night is like, wayy overdue. We’ve been planning one since forever ago (my freshman year. I’m about to be a senior). So we might do that tonight. And then tomorrow, I’m either heading out to St. Louis to visit Leslie’s nameless baby, and just chill (maybe do some shopping, yeah, mom?). Should be fun… yes.

Here’s some pictures of what’s been going onnn. OH. And those pictures from the Haley/Amy photoshoot I promised:

Photo Credit: Amy Emrick.
Photo credit: Amy Emrick.
Photo Credit: Amy Emrick.
(Allllll photos by miss Amy.)
BFF scrapbook.
BFF scrapbook.
BFF scrapbook.
BFF scrapbook project for Colby. He took these pictures, because I forgot to take pictures before giving it to him. Silly me. :] I’ll see if he’ll put up more, so I can show some more. It really is suuuper cute. I’m proud of it :]] Ily, Colbs.

I thiiiiink that’s about it for right now.
You know me. If I think of more, I’ll be back.
Till then… xo. Hay.

P.s. AH! I started-ish my internship at RVA, and I got to hang out with Erin for a while, and sew buttons onto the cuuutest baby onesies everrr. Check em hereeee. :]]

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A lot of stuff has happened in between now and my last post, so, to catch up: I’m starting over. I think that’s the best way to put it. I’m doing things for me. and for God. It’s the only way I can think to do things now. It’s working so far, and I like it.
I rearranged my room today, and I’m gonna start working on redecorating it soon. I started a new Bible study, and I’m starting a new book tonight. I’m gonna make some cheesecake, and organize my closet, and maybe start a new painting, and work on my art journal. There’s a lot I want to do. And I’ll get it done soon :]

I just got back from Church Camp yesterday… best time e.v.e.r. I seriously loved it. The theme was “Flip”, which incorporated “flipping” your life, like a total 180, to live for Christ. It was so awesome. I loved every moment. Except for recreation. I’m really not an athletic person. Haha.

I stayed the night with my dear Breighann last night, who made me some cheesecake, and watched movies with me, and gave me the best encouragement ever. I love her :]
Also: Kay Wilson is theee bomb. She says things that makes so much sense. It’s crrrazy.

I don’t think I have much else to say.. hmm.
Well here’s a picture from the last day of school (kinda overdue, I think)…

I really just think we're too cool for school.

I really just think we're too cool for school.

OH! And Breigh and I visited a FAKE crocodile, and some snakes.. for which I had to pay 10 bucks for. Darn us.
sign two
More pictures of the actual reptiles sooooon :]

That’s all for now :]
the new and improved Haleyyyy.

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