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i took a vacation.

not really.
but i’ve been so super busy. i’m not even sure with what. i just feel like i’ve been so super slammed for the longest time. blah. but things are easing up, since its the end of the school year (16 more days!), prom is this weekend, and grad party is the weekend after… so i can assure you: lots of photos and happiness will be on here soon, soon, soon!

i have the biggest headache ever (we’re going on like 5 hours here…yuck), so i’m gonna make this suuuper short.
Glee last night was freaking awesome.
That show makes me incredibly happy. Haha, how ridiculous.
seriously though, i love it. my dad and i always have to watch it together.

here is the best photo ever, ever:

hahahaha. in love.


xo hay


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one and half more days and i will *officially* be a senior in high school :] i’m sooo suuuper excited. i’ve got my summer playlist going, and i’m wearing shorts outside, it’s so awesome.
here’s a sampling of that aweeesome playlist:

1. match box – the kooks.
2. wake up – arcade fire.
3. i feel it all – feist.
4. chrissy kiss the corpse – of montreal.
5. west coast – coconut records.
5. so says i – the shins.
6. weightless – all time low.
7. come pick me up – ryan adams.
8. lover – devendra banhart.
9. closer – the bigger lights.
10. anthem, pt. 2 – blink 182.

:]] these songs make me sooo happy right now. i’ve been playing them while i’m taking my finals, just so i’m reminded that summer is juuust around the corner <3

theee dreaded book for creative writing is due tomorrow :/
here are a few more pages. (disclaimer: suuuch bad quality of photos. i took them from my phone; just as a reminder)

Poem: "Cut"Poem: "Summer"

we got our (unbelievably, horribly ugly) senior shirts today. i haaate them with a burning passion. they are terrible. and so it’s all cleared up, we did get a chance to vote on them; i did not vote for this shirt. grr. i’ll be sure to put some pictures up this weekend from the last day of school, just so you can see the nasty ugliness of it. for reals.

i hope you all are having a wonderful wednesday. its treating me well sooo far. but we’ll see how far that goes when i have to start painting again. blahhh. oh well; only one and half more days…

lovelovelove, hay.

p.s. i’m serious when i say you need to watch glee.

p.p.s. go kris! i voted for him last night. first time i’ve everrr voted in a.i. history. yay haley! :]

beautiful, beautiful man.

beautiful, beautiful man.

sigh.. <3

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Here are some finished products of my Creative Writing final, as promised:
Poem: "I Meant To Tell You"
The Feminie Mystique: A Labor of Love
Poem: "Paper Doll"

Ugh. Only a bit of it. It’s inching on a good 50 pages right now.
Sorry about the quality, I took these on my phone just now. Soooo there ya go :]

P.s. if you missed Glee, you are stupid.

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I hope Adam Lambert does not win. Anyone but him, pretty much. Ha. Nothing against being “original” or whatever, and I don’t care if he’s “hot” (he looks like a girl if you ask me..), but he belongs back on Broadway, where he can wear makeup and not get beat up for it. Thank you.
I don’t even watch American Idol. I just watch enough to know I like Kris way more than Adam. Haha.

In other news:
It is finals week at MHS, and I’m stressing hard core about my Creative Writing final. To be clear on what I have to do for this final, I have to create a presentation (in whatever form I choose, which, being the creative little soul I am, I chose to do a book), and I have to present original works of writing (six poems – all illustrated, a personal narrative, a short story, and my favorite song – complete with the meaning of the song, what it means to me essay, and an illustration for each verse). I am such a procrastinator, I’m not gonna cover that one up. But I started writing the personal narrative like… three weeks ago, maybe, and perfected that the last two weeks, and then started on my favorite song, which I got done in like two days, so that was easy, by this time, I had to choose between the six poems or writing a short story. Last time I wrote a short story, it took six weeks. By the time I had to turn this in, I only had a week and a half to do this. So I said screw it, and opted for the poems. Well…I had the rest of that week, and the whole weekend to start on this… and I didn’t officially start writing my poems until yesterday. Keep in mind: this is all due on Thursday. Plus, the format I chose to present my writings in is in the book Rebel Angels, which means, I have to either a) cover up all the pages I need for my presentation, or b) paint over them, and then glue in my work. I chose option B, which is most likely the hardest one to get done. Hahah.. good one Haley.
So my night will be consumed of painting, and in the midst of that, getting everything else ready for the book, and studying for other finals, and all of that jazz. My week sucks.
OH and.. the stupid senior shirts are freaking ugly.
So… yeah.
More later, maybe I’ll put pictures of my work in progress creative writing project up. Maybe. That would be a big goal. Ha.


P.S. Glee is on tonight!

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