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Formspring is a b-word.
From here on out – mine is officially deleted.
Some stuff has been going on, involving some rather immature and silly, silly girls that I know. And after some minor confrontation, I have deleted my formspring and am going to just move on. I do not need such negativity in my life.

God is seriously such an amazing dude for all the wonderful things He’s done in my life recently. Through all of the lame “anonymous” drama, I’ve gotten to have so many good conversations with people that actually care about me. I have theee most wonderful friends in the world.
So, I’m thankful for the people in my life. I’m thankful for the good manners and love that my parents have instilled in me. And.. I’m thankful for the gifts and talents God has so generously blessed me with (and that “people” are just “soooo” jealous of). I can’t wait to actually utilize those talents and make others happy! :)
Speaking of using those lovely talents… my bakery plans are in the works. Its so exciting getting ready for school this fall and knowing that when I go home at the end of the day, my homework will be baking! :) Tyler is definitely a lucky guy.. haha <3
Lately I've been drawing up plans for what I want my "perfect" bakery to look like, what sorts of desserts and yummy things I'd want to sell, and what other fun things I'd want to make available at my little shop. As for location… that's still an iffy question. I've got quite a number of people pushing me to open one up in St. Louis. It's nearing the top of my list. :)
Tonight consists of…

(A show at The Front Porch; It definitely won’t look as exciting as this one, I can promise you that..haha)

(Coffee. Its just about all I can think about right now!)

(book shopping. I’m going to make g.o.o.d. use of this $30 gift card to Barnes & Noble.)

It feels like fall already, based on tonight’s agenda. Goodness me, I’m so ready for Autumn weather, good “Autumn music”, and cozyness.
Cassie and I are heading out in a few hours for a night of fun and sillyness. We only have a good 3 weeks together left, so we’re trying our best to make it count.
GOSH, college SUCKS. ;)


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My mommy really is the best ever.
I love you so much, mom.
You are beautiful, talented, and incredibly creative.
You are the coolest ever. :)

I hope all of my mom-friends have a wonderful mother’s day!
Tucker is being weirdly nice to me today, and keeps saying “Happy Mother’s Day, future mommy”. Dork.
I also have to go to Baccalaureate today… which reminds me..
I graduate on Saturday!! :))

have a lovely day.. :)

xo hay

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My family takes Easter so seriously! We love it.
Usually one Saturday nights, we have all the family over, dad grills, and the kids dye eggs.

and even Tyler joined us this year (and brought me starbucks :] )

And then on Sundays, we go to church (mom usually sings on Easter Sunday, and today was no exception. Good job, momma). Then we head over to Grandma’s for Easter Lunch & the Easter egg hunt for the kiddos.
Grandma got Savannah and I cookie-lollipops. Mine had an owl & Nanna’s had a squirrel. So cute :)

Oh yes… and our family pictures… You will l.o.v.e. them:

So.. yes. Its been a wonderful day. And the weather was beautiful too! :)

Cassie and I watched The Passion of the Christ Friday night in “celebration” of Good Friday (since we had to be in school for a snow make up day. Boo). It was the most intense, heartbreaking, sickening movie I’ve ever seen. Ever. I was doing fine, no crying whatsoever (even when they were beating & spitting on Him), until Jesus was talking to His disciples about how there was no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for his friends. OH MY GOSH, the tears wouldn’t stop after that. When He was struggling to carry His cross, and they kept whipping Him, and He could barely go on, I cried more. It upset me so much. It made the situation so much more real to me. Jesus went through so much to redeem me…and all of us, of our sins. It’s hardly a fair trade. He could’ve stopped the whip, and stopped the pain at any point, but instead, He asked God to forgive his executioners, and continued to suffer for US, for those of us that were thousands of years away from existence. Its mind blowing that He loves us THAT much.

Anyways, I hope you all had a great day. :)

xo Hay
“He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; by His wounds, we are healed” Isaiah 53

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a love letter to spring:

my dearest spring,
i have been waiting on you oh so patiently, but it seems as if you are taking your own sweet time arriving. and, if i may be frank with you, it is getting on my nerves, just a bit. it is very aggrivating having to walk in the snow every day. and the wind is very chilly; my bones ache from it. so if you could please hurry and put an end to all this misery, i’m sure i’m not the only one who would appreciate it.
on the other hand, with spring usually brings lots of rain… terrential downpours, actually. so if you could please hurry, but also lay off on a ton of rain, that would be nice. you know, some rain is great… but not a whole lot. i’m not living in a Twilight book, so if we could keep the wetness to a minimum, it would great.
i just want your warm(er) weather to be here so i can go back to my normal habits of photo shoots every weekend with mr. kern, and going out without a heavy, massive coat on, and actually going to art walk and enjoying it.
oh, my dear spring… how i’ve missed you.
now please. do your best and come soon.
please, don’t keep me waiting for long.
love always,
miss haley.

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& i couldn’t be more excited. we go out all the time, but we actually made plans this time. how rare is that?! :]
but i love my best friend so much. we’ve been friends for a little over 3 years now… our history:

this is probably our first picture we ever took together. this was the summer after my freshman year. to be completely honest, he was my dance partner in The Music Man… and i had a crush on him. i didn’t know he was gay. not sure how i didn’t know that.. ha.

this was a few months after beginning to really hang out. i remember that night so well; we saw the golden compass. we were so concerned about them “killing Jesus” in the movie… but it never happened. not gonna lie, we were a bit disappointed. not in a sick, morbid way, but we thought it was gonna happen!

we became such good friends by the end of my sophomore year. he even took me to his prom :]

our very first “photo shoot” ever. crappy little point and shoot camera on a self timer in an alley of a thrift store that burned down a week later. we miss these days :(

ohhh my. i will definitely NEVER forget that night. (he and our friend roxxi accompanied me on my first “date” with my ex, greg. oh, the memories… hahaha)

if you are at all close to us, you KNOW that art walk is our thing. we used to go EVERY month, without question. we always had plans on the first friday of every month. its kind of faded since this summer, but i won’t go without him :]

aren’t we just the cutest? this is from another art walk. we be crazyyy.

i told you i love him a lot.

xo. hay

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its coming up…
i usually dread it. but for some reason, this year is it doesn’t seem too bad.
thursday, i’m hanging out with my single friends, and wallowing in our self pity. (maybe that’ll include some pictures. hopefully not… ha) friday, i’ll probably do something with colby. then saturday, grandma invited all of us kiddos over to her house for a vday party, complete with lasagna, movies, and board games :]
i’m super excited. no time for vday depression for this gal!
so, in light of the whole situation, here is some valentines/love/whatever inspiration for you all:

and… this is my favorite of all:

i picked up some new moon themed conversation hearts for my 4th graders in mentoring. i also plan on making them actual twilight inspired vday cards too. :] how adorable.

the for-real-this-time etsy preview will be up soon, i promise. most likely late tomorrow night.
we’re looking at a feb. 28th opening. that is a sunday. do not forget!! :]]
i’ll be back tomorrow with more on that subject.

xo. hay

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