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(edit: I just realized, I wrote the first half last night, and saved it to my drafts. Here it is completed! <3)
I am a sleepy girl.
BUT, I am determined to stay awake and finish a painting! All the while, watching Nip/Tuck. I am borderline obsessed with this show. During the operating scenes, I can’t lie.. I do turn my head, and only listen. Usually blood doesn’t frighten me, but goshhhh. NO. This is not ok!
I’m currently on Season 2. I had never even given a thought to watching the show, ever. But Sunday afternoon I was terribly bored, and tired of reading books, so I picked a random TV show available on Instant Netflix, and started watching it. I watched eleven episodes out of the thirteen of the first season. I seriously LOVE this show!

P.s. Haha, for those of you that know what I’m talking about… The dude that plays Sean’s son is in the movie “Teeth”…. As for what happens to him in THAT movie, and what happens to him in the first couple of episodes of Nip/Tuck…. I feel sorry for the kid. ;)

Anyways, back to the point of this.
I’m working on a painting for le boyfriend. A few months back.. he mentioned to me that he liked this:

i did this like 6 months ago in my sketchbook for my art class. i always wanted to make it into a painting, but never really thought much more about it (plus, the execution of it scaresss me. i’m really still unsure how to go about doing the background).
So… the little sketch has become this:

(well, sort of. it’s not done yet!)
but I made this as a little surprise for the boyfriend. He had been pestering me for forever for a painting before I left for college, but now I’m not moving anywhere… so the requests stopped…. jerk. :) Haha I love him.
I start my first day of work at the Tea Room today! I’m so excited. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking… but maybe when I move to Springfield, I’ll get a job at Elsie’s new RVA location… maybe :)

Ok! Wish me lots of luck with this first day! I’m off to go eat my favoriteee meal at Oriental Inn! :)
Xoxo Haley


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painting & such.

it was yet another snow day today.
i get reallyyy sick of these days. i feel like being at home is wasting the day, but at the same time, its too yucky outside to go anywhere.
but today was different. i got up (not before 10, though. haha) and took a shower. put pj’s on and got to working on some paintings. mom made some yummy, yummy cheesy potato soup for lunch. (i ate way too much..)
i finished 2 new paintings in record time, haha. and also finished the “let the sunshine in” painting (from a few posts down).
i also got some laundry done… which i had been avoiding like the plague.
so i feel pretty good right now.
i think i might reward myself with turning the cellular off and going to bed early.
but not before making myself a pumpkin spice latte. (ohhh, why must it be seasonal???)
so, all in all, it has been a good day.
i hope your monday was just a decent. <33

xo forever and ever

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As promised, here it is. A little sneak peak at my Etsy shop:

* this one was done for my baby cousin Max, so it, obviously will not be for sale. But I’m willing to recreate it, with of course a few adjustments to make it personalized to youuu :]

*this one says “This is unlike the story it was written to be…” The lyrics are from one of my very favorite Joanna Newsom songs. This one will be for sale.

*this one will also be for sale. Its not yet completed, but I’m working on that. I’m not sure what it needs, but I just don’t feel like its finished just yet… Suggestions are welcome :]]

*these notebooks are my very favorite to do. They are just composition notebooks that are collaged. I love, love, love finding images, and quotes, and such to collage. Very very big hobby of mine. This one is my journal from my sophomore/junior year of HS (so,, not for sale. ha)

*this is a big sketchbook made from old library books. they are sooo much fun to make. and super easy too. they will be available in all different sizes. :]

*these are a few of my smaller paintings. they will all be for sale. they vary in style and such. so…yeah :]

in addition to all of that…
i’m also doing custom paintings and stuffs like that.
the notebooks and sketchbooks will all be customized to fit what youu want.

any questions?? Email me: elizabethhtyson@gmail.com

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Rocky Horror!

I’m watching it right now on Fuse. Hahaha love this movie so much!
I saw it for the first time a year ago today. Crazy that it’s on tv today, knowing that.
So anyways… I have some picturessss:

i made this little cutie for my friend jamie. he’s away in georgia right now :(

i learned how to french braid my bangs all on my own. haha.

basically, this has been my night. pretty darn amazing.


i am officially a future student of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau :]
I’m sooo excited. Hopefully I’ll still be excited when it comes time to actually go to college… Haha :]

xo. hay

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today has been a very good day (despite the fact that my mother left a three page note telling us we could not leave the house, we had to pick what was for dinner, and if we did not have the entire house clean, we were all grounded till school starts). besides that… i’d say today has been fairly decent. :]
saturday was my birthday tea party :] it was all alice in wonderland-inspired, sooo beautiful. as soon as i find the stupid camera usb thing, pictures will be up, promise :]
i saw bruno! ohhh my gosh. wow.
that is all i have to say about that movie. wow.
colby and i have been quoting it nonstop the past couple of days… its a bad habit to start, i’m pretty sure…
hold your shoulders back…this isn’t a slave auction!
i’m committing carbicide..
We have chosen your baby to be dressed as a Nazi Officer, pushing a wheelbarrow, with a Jewish baby, into an oven!

oh my gosh. too much. its horrible. so hilarious though.
new guilty pleasure :]
i’ve been working on some new paintings; pictures of those will be up soon too. :]]
look at this precious owl ring.

i think i’m in looooove

anything else i can think of…? nah.
ttyl loooves.

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Wellllll. Lots has been going on lately, but I’ll start here:

I’ve been doing Viv’s online art journal class these past few days, and it is soooo challenging to my creative process, and fun, and suuuch an emotional release, of sorts. I love doing it! Here are some of my pages I’ve done so far:
Change Is Hard
Lyrics: “Change is Hard” by She & Him.
I Want To Learn More About Me
Lyrics: “Learn Yourself” by The Beautiful Girls.
My Only Regret.
That last picture is sooo blurry. I didn’t really use song lyrics on this one, except a liiiittle tiny part of a Katy Perry song; “Let me be the first to wish you the worst”. Haha…

:] I have more than that done, but that’s all I’ll share for now.

Hmm. What else..
Colby and I went out the other night on a “date”. We went to Houlihan’s for dinner, which we’d never been there before, and it was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. I loved it. Like, a lot. Then we kind of drove around for a bit, and ended up at the airport, and watched a few (or maybe just one) flights take off/ land/ whatever. It was cute :]
We contemplated seeing Bruno, but, alas, my dad & his mom did not grant us permission to do so. Lol.
Lucas came over for a while yesterday. We had fun :]
And then I stayed up all night watching creeeepy movies on Netflix, and scaring myself to the point of not being able to sleep. Haha, I’m a silly girl sometimes.
And now, I’ve just been chillin in my pj’s all day. Doing nothing.
I need to go to Walmart and get paint and stuff, so I can paint a birdhouse for my newww baby cousin Max :] He’s a doll. I love him.
Max & Cooper.
That’s little baby Max. and not so little Cooper, my 12 year old brother. :]

Sigh. Summer. I love it.
I’m off to do more creating.
I thiiiink I’ll convince Colby to get coffee, or something of that sort, with me tomorrow afternoon after church. We have some talking to do… :]

xo. Hayyy.

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Disclaimer: There are some graphic images of… deadness in this blog. Just a warning :]

So, yesterday. Cassie came over and we had bunches of fun, just chilling, and doing summer things. Not really. We (as in just Cass & Tucker) went swimming, and ate tacos, and then Cassie wanted to watch A Clockwork Orange, since she’d never seen it. We didn’t make it all the way through, because she had to leave, but I think she liked what she saw. She liked the weirdness, I think.
But anyways… We went swimming. Mostly, I just sat there and took pictures of them in the pool (I haaate getting wet) and talked to them while they played in the water. Until… Tucker looked in the pool filter…. We found this:
Dead Bird
Yeah. Dead bird.
Dead Bird
Dead Bird
And then, after taking pictures of it, and oogling it, and even.. smelling it (never EVER smell a dead bird. It’s disgusting), we decided to have a little fun with it, and … toss it into the neighbor’s yard.
Dead Bird
Other than that mess, it really was the perfect afternoon…
Cassie and Tucker
Lovely day :]

OH. And.. here is the painting I promised a looong while ago, from the craft night with Amy:
Alice in Wonderland Painting
Alice in Wonderland Painting

And the wonderfulllll birthday invitations (also Alice in Wonderland-inspired):
Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invites
I spent foreverrrr working on those…
Now only if I can complete the task of actually sending them…*sigh* Maybe it’ll get done soon. Maybe.

CASS: I am working on that playlist of yours! It’s coming along quite nicely. I can’t remember if you’d just like a whole bunch of different stuff, or really summery songs..? Oh well. It’s amazing, no matter what :]

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