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I felt the need to blog. Not sure why. Probably because I have nothing else to do?
I have been busy doing absolutely nothing…. so I’m watching Nip/Tuck (what else did you expect?) and journaling and all of that business!
I’ll start with last night.
Cassie and I always have amazing adventures. We first went to the mall… and saw Miss Erin Sunday, hard at work :) After that, we went to Barnes and Noble so I could use up the rest of my gift card (birthday present courtesy of Grandmother Smith) and with that last 15 bucks, I bought this:

“The Wild Things” by Dave Eggers. Basically, as you can probably guess by the cover, is loosely based off of Where The Wild Things Are. and as I’ve read so far, it is very much like the movie. So… we’ll see. But at least the cover is cute right?? :)
Then….. we went to Olive Garden. HA! Seriously, it is my favoriteee restaurant ever. EVER. But… we had the most terrible service ever. Cassie and I felt so completely… humiliated by our waiter, and his little waiter friends. We wanted to leave so, so bad. It was so bad. I really don’t want to go back anytime soon. Cassie is famous for her complaint letters (she’s sent them to a restaurant in St. Charles, MO we went to once and Westboro Baptist Church), so she sent one to Olive Garden, of course. We then went to Target for some late night Starbucks… and shopping for things we definitely don’t need.
I went because I needed a backpack for school. She went because she wanted to buy the Eclipse soundtrack. We DID leave with the backpack… but not the soundtrack. We both, however, left with new denim leggings. DUDE. we bought JEGGINGS. hahaha! Seriously don’t know why I haven’t tried them before! They are sooo comfortable. It like wearing leggings… that look like jeans. Best feeling in the world. I need more. I just might start living in these things! They were only 12 bucks… so I couldn’t pass them up!

Sigh. In. Love. :)
Today I went to Silver Dollar City with Tyler, his mom, and niece,Brylee. It was a lot of fun. The ride home took about twice the time that it was supposed to, but I’m home now and the tears are alllll dried up. So we’re good. I got to see my journalism/Yearbook teacher this evening. It almost made me sad that I won’t be going back to school to be in yearbook again. almost.

Allllright. I’m a sleepy girl, and I’d like to finish two more episodes of Nip/Tuck before bed!
:)) I love you all muchly.
xoxo haley


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i love you! :)

i’m super grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. you are seriously the best. :)
last night, i stayed the night with colby and we watched Bug (creeeepy) while dreaming up ideas for painting on his wall. we found the perfect lyrics to paint above his window, but they don’t exactly match the look of his room. we then got ready this morning and went to olive garden for lunch (and ran into cassie there), and went to target… it was lots of fun. simple & fun. i love my best friend.
anyways, i’m going to clean my craft-space and start working on some new projects. i took a too-long break from crafting. i was feeling like all of my creativity was leaving me, so i took a well needed break to regain some inspiration and such. i think i’m ready to get back into the regular swing of things :)
so, that said, this was just a quick little filler post. hopefully tomorrow, or wednesday i’ll be back with photos of some of my new projects, plus some of the projects i made in school, that i never took photos of :)
i leave for st. louis on thursday, and fly out to nyc from there on friday morning! i’ll be gone till monday night, so i probably won’t blog until tuesday or wednesday next week :( but at least you’ll have a crap ton of new york awesomeness to look forward to! :D
love love you
xo. haley

p.s. i have a bone to pick with you! i realized i get a ton of views on my blog everrry day, but i don’t know who you are! so stop being shy & say hello. i’d love to meet you :) xo.

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it was an extremely long trip, or so it felt, and i’m glad to be back.
tyler and i first went to arkansas for a few days, and then to kansas (most random places on earth, yes).
i had so much fun, and i got to meet his family. i was soooo incredibly nervous, but it all turned out great. i reallyyy like them. a lot. and it was fun getting to see “uncle tyler” play with his favorite kiddos. i love him a lot. :)
tyler and i also have plans to go to silver dollar city AND st. louis sometime this week, we just don’t know when, exactly. haha
anyways… i am back, and wayy in the mood for art journaling and painting, both of which i have not done in forever. i’m going through major withdrawals.
i’ve got some suuuuper late presents to mail out this week, hopefully i’ll get this done before wednesday. hopefully. i feel absolutely terrible and ultra guilty. ha.
anyways… i love you all!
xo. hay

p.s. i found these pictures this morning. two years ago, my friend alyssa and i went to see Wicked in St. Louis for Christmas. i just wanted to share :)

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Photo 17
Mom and I drove up to St. Louis this weekend to visit Leslie & Max. Max is getting pretty big. He’s adorable though. It’s kinda sad that I have to live so far away from him while he’s growing up :(
I also figured out that by the time he graduates, I’ll be 36 years old… weird.
We went to get flu shots (yuck). Then we shopped. the. entire. day. It was absolutely magnificent.
I bought (or more like..my mom bought) my first pair of non skinny jeans in SOOO long. Not only that, BUT they were from Hollister. WHOA, HALEY. Making a big step, yeah?
Then… I spotted the wonder known as Urban Outfitters. So my aunt got me a shirt from there, after searching through every bit of the store, no lies. (Did you know they have an ENTIRE section dedicated to Where the Wild Things Are? It’s absolutely amazing!)
And then I got some boots. Boring.
Best of all:
Olive Garden take out.
The brilliance of eating the best food e v e r at home… oh my gosh. Unimaginable. I loved it.
Now we’re watching Confessions of a Shopaholic & just relaxing.
It’s been an incredibly long day…

xo. hay

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Cass & Hay
Yep. 18. I feel old. I’m sure, as the birthdays progress it’ll only get worse, and by the time I’m 21, I’ll think I’m old enough to be everyone’s mother. But, 18. I shouldn’t be this old! I’m sure my mom agrees :]
I’m not sure what today’s plans involve, but I’m sure it’ll be a good day. Hopefully, at least. Haha. My beautiful Cassie turned 17 Monday. Happy birthday, love <3. For her birthday, we (Cass, Colby, Alyssa, and I) roadtripped to St. Louis to go to the STL City Museum, some shopping, and a nice dinner. WELL. It didn’t go exactly as planned. At all. I’m not going to tell all the tragic details, but you can read about them either at Cassie’s or Colby’s blogs. Enjoy reading about our travels. :]
Here are some more pictures:
Cass & Hay.Cass, Alyssa, Hay
It really was a good day, I enjoyed it very much. Despite everything else that happened. It was a good day<3

Hmm.. What else…
Cassie & I had our 2nd (annual..?) Heath Ledger Remembrance Day. We have a deep, passionate love for Heath… and we're utterly depressed that he had to go and die last year. So. Last summer, we decided to "celebrate" him by watching some of his movies. Last year, we watched his most popular films, 10 Things I Hate About You, and A Knight's Tale, and one of the lesser known ones, Candy. It was suuuch a fun day! Well, this year, we did it again… but we watched Ned Kelly (or tried to, at least), and Monster's Ball. Ok, little did we know, he's BARELY in Monster's Ball, and even after he's not in it anymore, the movie is freaking weird and very, very boring. Ugh. Waste of liiiiife.
Oh well. Now we can say we've seen two more Heath movies, I guess.
Maybe in a few years, we can say we've seen them all :]

I'm still doing Viv’s class, but I’m dreadfully behind on some pages. :/ It also ends Friday. Which is sad, because I’m having a TON of fun doing. But oh well. I’ll keep going in my journal :]

I finally got a chance to watch Watchmen, last night.
It was alright; I probably need to watch it one more time before I can say that I liked it.
I also get the feeling I need to read the graphic novel, to understand it some more. But… I at least enjoyed what I did understand of it. a.n.d. the sex scene was soooo unnecessary. Definitely. It was like 2 minutes long, and scary. Hahaha. Total truth in that statement.
I think Tucker would really like this movie… but, when we watch it, we’ll definitely have to skip over that part.

Ooh! I also saw Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince! (Sorry Colby…)

…I’m really not sure what this girl’s name was, but she was my favorite character!
So anyways… for not seeing any of the Harry Potter movies past the second one, I think I did fairly well on understanding the movie. At times, I was a bit confused (wth is a death eater??) but I think I got it for the most part. Mom didn’t understand it at all, I’m afraid. So I think we’ll have to do a Harry Potter marathon someday. That would be fun :]

Ok. Well. It is my birthday, so I’m gonna do birthday things, like eat breakfast, and watch tv.

xo. Hay.

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so, last night, i could hardly sleep, and i finally fell asleep around.. ehh.. 5ish. and then i woke up at 8. how ridiculous! 3 hours of sleep. but i feel great. its so weird.
i don’t have much to say. just wanted to share the awesome picture of me after waking up. lol.
oh and this one:
*i’m watching rocky horror, for like, the billionth time. that’s what inspires such happiness in me. hahah

i’m gonna go plan my senior pictures now..
will vastine is taking them and i’m suuuper stoked. we still haven’t set an official date yet, but i’m sure that’ll get done soon. i’m still in the process of finding ideas to try out, and i’ve found that i looove Chrissie White’s style of photography, so will said to pick out a few images i liked, and we’ll just start creating from there. i’m sooo excited, excited, excited!


being in st. louis makes me soo excited about graduating and *hopefully* moving here soon after.
it also makes me excited about the gogol bordello show that’s gonna be here in about a month. sooo stoked about that too.
ohh. and: i turn 18 in a little over a month! excited about that, too.
this summer = awesome.

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So… I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but be bored these past couple of days, but really.. I’ve been all over the place. Sunday night, I did Summer of Service, then went over to Brandon’s to watch a movie; Monday night I went to Grandma’s, as usual; Tuesday, I went home and started a new painting, and went back over to Brandon’s (and watched like.. 4 hours of tv. ha). So, really, I have been pretty busy. Lucas can second that :]
So, I guess when I said that I’ve been bored in Marshfield and wanted to go somewhere else, and be bored far away, I don’t know what I was thinking, because I’ve been doing quite a bit lately. But, the point is: I’m heading out to St. Louis, I think to visit my awesome (and 8-month pregnant!) Aunt Leslie. I haven’t seen her since.. Easter, I think. So – that sounds like a nice trip.
I woke up this morning to a loud, recognizable voice; William, my uncle, who lives in StL, too. I kinda laid there thinking, hmm… I wonder if he’d let me go back with him..? And then I finally got up and asked, and ta-da, I’m going. And since I don’t drive (lame. one more month of this crap), my dad will be in StL on Tuesday for work, and is going to pick me up on his way back :]] It’s the perfect time to go, and since they both work tons, I’ll be there by myself, which is awesome, because I have a lot of reading to do, and a ton of projects I’ve been wanting to work on, so the quiet, and *being able to listen to my own music* will be great for me.
Only thing is: I’ll be missing the Here I Come Falling Reunion Show in Joplin on Saturday :/ HICF is one of my favoriteeee bands (understatement) and they broke up a while back, but are doing one last show… and ugh. I’m going to miss it now. But I guess that’s ok, because if I was going to go, I probably would’ve been going alone. So whatever.


Welllll, that’s all I have for now. I’ll see ya’ll in a week.
xo. hay.

Just a few more hours, and I'll get to see this lovely ladyyy.

Just a few more hours, and I'll get to see this lovely ladyyy.

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