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(edit: I just realized, I wrote the first half last night, and saved it to my drafts. Here it is completed! <3)
I am a sleepy girl.
BUT, I am determined to stay awake and finish a painting! All the while, watching Nip/Tuck. I am borderline obsessed with this show. During the operating scenes, I can’t lie.. I do turn my head, and only listen. Usually blood doesn’t frighten me, but goshhhh. NO. This is not ok!
I’m currently on Season 2. I had never even given a thought to watching the show, ever. But Sunday afternoon I was terribly bored, and tired of reading books, so I picked a random TV show available on Instant Netflix, and started watching it. I watched eleven episodes out of the thirteen of the first season. I seriously LOVE this show!

P.s. Haha, for those of you that know what I’m talking about… The dude that plays Sean’s son is in the movie “Teeth”…. As for what happens to him in THAT movie, and what happens to him in the first couple of episodes of Nip/Tuck…. I feel sorry for the kid. ;)

Anyways, back to the point of this.
I’m working on a painting for le boyfriend. A few months back.. he mentioned to me that he liked this:

i did this like 6 months ago in my sketchbook for my art class. i always wanted to make it into a painting, but never really thought much more about it (plus, the execution of it scaresss me. i’m really still unsure how to go about doing the background).
So… the little sketch has become this:

(well, sort of. it’s not done yet!)
but I made this as a little surprise for the boyfriend. He had been pestering me for forever for a painting before I left for college, but now I’m not moving anywhere… so the requests stopped…. jerk. :) Haha I love him.
I start my first day of work at the Tea Room today! I’m so excited. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking… but maybe when I move to Springfield, I’ll get a job at Elsie’s new RVA location… maybe :)

Ok! Wish me lots of luck with this first day! I’m off to go eat my favoriteee meal at Oriental Inn! :)
Xoxo Haley


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i took a vacation.

not really.
but i’ve been so super busy. i’m not even sure with what. i just feel like i’ve been so super slammed for the longest time. blah. but things are easing up, since its the end of the school year (16 more days!), prom is this weekend, and grad party is the weekend after… so i can assure you: lots of photos and happiness will be on here soon, soon, soon!

i have the biggest headache ever (we’re going on like 5 hours here…yuck), so i’m gonna make this suuuper short.
Glee last night was freaking awesome.
That show makes me incredibly happy. Haha, how ridiculous.
seriously though, i love it. my dad and i always have to watch it together.

here is the best photo ever, ever:

hahahaha. in love.


xo hay

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